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This has always been my website. It used to be my old company name and when I switched my name to something else, this domain just sat here collecting digi-dust. I figured why not setup a blog on it and write secretly, maybe show a few friends so they can keep up with me. I often ditch social media because of the limits that different sites have on what you can say or express without someone reporting you all the fucking time. I can post whatever the fuck I want here. I don’t need a tumblr because I don’t wanna have to constantly keep up with trends and shit. Here. Here is where I will be able to share with whomever finds this on their own, the many stories I don’t often get to tell friends and family. I’m hoping I keep up on this once a week at least. Sometimes I go crazy and off the rails and I think here would be a fantasic place to get hot headed and write some interesting non-thought posts. lol


I was born with issues and I will die with them. But hey, at least I can admit that. I can also admit that I build websites for a partial living and I work for a catering company as well, but the website thing is crazy because I don’t have a launched website for my business and this is going to be the closest thing since 2010 that I’ve built for myself. It causes too much stress to think about how perfect I want everything. Like right now, my anxiety to get this finished and see it through has kept me up all night, some thanks to beer and party favors. So yea, I think this concludes the introduction. Have fun and…


Now that you have somewhat of an idea of who I am,
why not read the shit I blog about?